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The brand

Rosa Lou is a fashionable lifestyle Italian brand producing womens designer leather bags and accessories in a stylish and modern design, combining the luxury of the materials with beauty and creativity.

Welcome to the World Rosa Lou

Rosa Lou is founded by the fashion designer Alina Zalevska on the fundamental premise of offering our customers the most beautiful, elegant and refined designs of superior quality - to enjoy for a lifetime. Each piece is created by the talented team of designers of our design studio in Milan.

Our large laboratory located in Florence with skilled employees, ensure the perfect manufacturing of the leather and a high quality products. Our company carries out the production of leather bags offering the ability to produce 100%  Made in Italy at an affordable price and great value.

The style

The essential and clean lines are the essence of the style Rosa Lou. The use of natural colors together with refined design create the product of high class but at the same time very practical and versatile.

The collections of bags Rosa Lou is the expression of elegant and creative Italian style, where the beauty and simplicity are intertwined with good taste and impeccable quality.